Taking Off with a Family Vacation!

I already considered myself lucky enough to be studying in Germany, but when my father said, “well what should I do with the vacation time I have at the end of the summer?” – I couldn’t help but jumping at the idea of a Eurotrip. (we had planned to explore California but, I mean, I’ll be living there for awhile so…) I didn’t think it would actually happen, especially considering it would be our farthest trip since middle school! When my parents told me their plans to hope along Prague, Vienna, Budapest and make a last stop in Berlin, I was ecstatic.

On top of being part of a tour group that essentially crammed as many activities/museums/monuments/dinners in as possible, we also got to meet a lot of wonderful people! I quickly made friends with a group of people in their 20s and our families spent a lot of time together. Museums by day and bars by night- not bad!


There were so many highlights on the trip!  We got to go on two separate cruises, gaze at the lit-up city of Budapest, explore many parliaments, learn rich history, try local cuisine – Vienna took the CAKE (haha, get it?), see a traditional Waltz, go wine tasting, dip in some thermal baths, walk along the Berlin wall and tour each city individually!


And of course- I enjoyed stopping for local coffee everywhere we went and taking a LOT of pictures with my new camera!


All this isn’t to say there were quite a few bumps in the road. For one, it was about 100+ degrees for most of the trip. This, combined with jet-lag and anxiety about study abroad DID NOT help my insomnia towards the beginning of the trip. Yikes!  Then when we realized we were sweating through all our clothes, we had to do laundry. The hotels charge about 10 euro per item of clothing- UM NO. We ended up spending an entire day in Budapest trying to find a laundromat and waiting while our clothes got washed… Oh, and dad lost my camera battery in Vienna, can’t forget that one. That being said, mom and I only blew up at each other once and the rest of the trip was full of love and wonderful memories. But actually, I consider myself so blessed to have them in my life.


When the trip was over, saying goodbye was very hard. It’s bad enough leaving them for every semester in LA, but knowing it had been my last summer in Indiana was very tough. I think spending our last two weeks in Europe made the end of our summer easier to handle, and of course it made me feel more adjusted to Europe in general. We barely had time (up until the last tear-filled night)  to focus on missing each other. Too many of our nights were filled with wine, cruises, local restaurants and good company.

And here I am, in Germany, and my travels continue! All on my own, but with love from abroad!


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