First Days . . .

The little town on the creek . . . not to be confused with "eight"
The little town on the creek . . . not to be confused with “eight”

One packing-panic fiasco, one angelic United Airlines employee who had a magic way with computers, two layovers (one of which was spent waiting out a thunder storm, the other of which was spent racing across the Dublin airport to catch our next flight), some 14 hours, and 4 lost suitcases later we had finally arrived in Deutschland (or two of us had).

We met up with some of our classmates, slept through a short bus ride to Bonn, briefly stopped at the AIB (where we will be attending school for the next 4 months) to drop off everyone else’s bags, and then made our way to  the Eifel region for our first excursion.

Stop 1: An adorable town called Monreal

Here, we ate something that seemed like a cross between pizza and a pastry, called tarte flambée (DELICIOUS), I tried a very snazzy-looking ‘bionade holunder’ (a carbonated berry lemonade? I think?), and we walked around a bit.

Destination: “Acht”

Population: 70, Atmosphere: Almost dead silent

All 19 of my classmates (as well as two professors, our program director Olivia, and our TA Nick) stayed in a house in Acht for the next few days (during which time I slept on the top of a bunk bed for perhaps the second time in my life). ‘Twas like camp, and ’twas fantastic.

We all ate around six tables pushed together, we all took a gorgeous hike the next morning (during which we got slightly lost), we sat in “class” on giant bean bag cushions, and we all drank beer and ate sausage around a campfire together. And I took a picture of  a cow. And that was my first few wonderful days in Germany.





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